What is VoteBash?


VoteBash is a worldwide social voting platform that focuses on the voter. Poll and survey sites today are only about the results and not about the individual who voted. With VoteBash we want to give people the freedom to speak their mind, showcase themselves, join a movement and rally for support. The idea is simple. Everybody is entitled to an opinion. You can give one or ask for one. Underline your opinion with your profile and digital pin back buttons from the voting process.


We love diversity and encourage people in our community to celebrate their individuality.You can really reflect who you are, what you like and what you stand for.


Connect with people, share your opinions or show support for others.


You have the opportunity to unite and find like-minded people.


Voting doesn't have to be all that serious. Neither do we claim that our polls or surveys are scientifically sound. VoteBash is a party where everybody is invited.Try VoteBash yourself. After all, The World Decides Here…